London Street Photography: Having Fun With Cameras

When you send two hobby photographers on holidays to London, this happens! The equipment: Sony RX100 Mark 3 / Fuji X100T / iPhones / SnapSeed … and plenty of filters.

Ok, to state it right away: it was a fun trip out, we went crazy on the filters, if you are looking for high brow art, probably better go for another street photography page or check out my other pages 🙂

But who says that you can’t also just have a fun weekend out with a camera and a buddy!?

My friend and I were just planning to spend a nice weekend out in London enjoying sights and pubs. Sight seeing can be rather annoying with all the tourists, tough. So what started as a stroll turned quickly into a photo trip.

Get a trimming / Andrej / X100T
BTS – Get a trimming / Leo / RX100 iii

Not that we had anything special in mind, we just started shooting. “Two Lads in London” … “the picture behind the picture behind the picture” – and other titles crossed our mind. In the end, we settled for nothing.


We even did see some sights:


IMG_1879 2.jpg
London Eye / Andrej / X100T


IMG_1873 2
Your friendly neighbourhood watch / Andrej / X100T
BTS – Your friendly neighbourhood watch / Leo / RX100 iii

Made some abstract “art” as well: …

No End / Andrej / X100T
Spaces / Andrej / X100T

And we took some street photographs:

Never seek permission / Andrej / X100T
IMG_1927 2
Food Court / Andrej / Fuji X100T

But in the end, what really matters was to have a great weekend out with a friend. And we got to see the city from a different perspective. What a great way to enjoy a friendship…


The End … to be continued

Self Portrait / Leo / RX100 iii



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